Best Outdoor Furniture for Spring

Spring is in the air, and for many people, springtime means spending more time outdoors. It’s also the perfect time of year to invest in some new outdoor furniture to make relaxing in your backyard all the more enjoyable. You can create a small backyard oasis with some of these essential items.

Weather-Resistant Table and Chairs

If you’re someone who does a lot of outdoor entertaining, a weather-resistant table and chairs is a must. Materials like poly lumber are ideal for outdoor dining furniture because they’re maintenance-free, durable, and won’t fade in the sun. When choosing a table and chairs for your outdoor living space, be sure to pick one that has enough room to seat your family, plus some guests. After all, no one wants to host a backyard dinner party and realize they don’t have enough room for their guests at the table!

Durable Cushions

Adding cushions or pillows to outdoor furniture is an easy, affordable way to give your backyard some extra color and style. Most outdoor cushions are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you’ll have no problem matching them with your furniture or favorite color scheme. When buying cushions or pillows for outdoor use, be sure to look for ones that are waterproof and resistant to fading. That way, you won’t have to worry about leaving your cushions out in the sun or forgetting to put them away during a thunderstorm.

Outdoor Lights

The fun doesn’t have to stop after the sun goes down! Depending on where you spend your evenings outside, there are lighting options that can meet your needs. Patios and decks are the perfect place to hang string lights if you have posts to hang them around. It makes your deck an inviting place to enjoy the outdoors after dark. If your backyard area is directly under the stars, you can utilize tiki torches as a fun and tropical addition to your outdoor space. They also act as a strong bug repellent, as tiki torches contain citronella oil. If that doesn’t fit your outdoor area, there are also plenty of LED and solar-powered lighting options in a variety of styles.

A Large Umbrella

If you plan on sitting out in the sun for extended periods of time, then investing in a large umbrella to protect yourself against sunburn is a wise decision. Make sure that you buy one that is made of a durable material that will withstand the weather. You can also get an umbrella that clamps on to your chair or one that fits in your outdoor table. It’s highly recommended that you invest in one if your table has a space to attach one in the middle. The glaring sun can put a damper on your family lunch or evening barbeque, and an umbrella can easily prevent that from happening.

Adirondack Chairs

A favorite among backyard loungers is the Adirondack chair. These comfy chairs are angled higher in the front and lower in the back for optimal relaxation, making them ideal for enjoying beautiful weather and cold drinks. What’s more, the armrests provide added comfort that sets the Adirondack apart from other lawn chairs. Additionally, Adirondack chairs are a go-to choice for properties by the water. Whether beachfront, bayside, or by the pool, these chairs are the perfect spot to kick back and soak up some sun.

Fire Pits

While fire pits are commonly associated with fall weather, they’re also an excellent choice for the springtime. Outside temperatures may be high during the day in the spring, but the air cools down quite a bit after the sun sets, making the conditions perfect for fire pit use Fire pits come in a range of different materials, but one material that’s often overlooked is poly lumber. While other materials may rust and fade over time, poly lumber keeps its original color and will not crack or rot, meaning you can enjoy cool spring evenings by the fire pit with your family for years to come.

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