Choosing the Best Color Palette For Your Patio

Consider existing color schemes

Evaluate the existing style and color of your home, your patio pavers or decking material, and your overal space to determine what color theme would best coordinate with your space.

Patio Size

Lighter color themes can make your space feel larger than it really is, while some darker notes can add to the coziness of your vibe – keep these aspects in mind!

HOA or Neighborhood Rules

If you are in an HOA or have any regulations to follow, keep this in mind as you filter through your color selections so you are staying within your given parameters.


Keep track of the lighting your outdoor space receives throughout the day as you make your final determinations. If your patio receives very little light, going with a lighter and brighter furniture and cushion selection may help open up the space and make it feel larger than it really is!


Keeping your furniture neutral can allow your guests to focus on the beauty of your home and landscaping, with a seamless transition from the comfortable furniture they sit in to the rest of your outdoor space. This also allows you to create focal points with rugs, throw pillows, or other decorative accents!

Bold Accents

Sometimes it’s helpful to add a pop of color through some thoughtfully placed throw pillows or some accent chairs!

Add a Rug

Adding a rug can provide an alternative way to implement some color into your outdoor space! Whether you have a patio or a pergola, this option can allow for continuity in your color theme as this photo demonstrates.