Dining, Counter, and Pub Height Options

What’s the difference?

You may have noticed that we offer our furniture collections in dining, counter, and pub height options! This may cause you to wonder… what’s the difference? Dining height tables are 30″ high as our lowest option, with seat heights around 17″-19″ depending on the collection. Our Counter furniture is just a tad taller, with table heights measuring 36″ high, and counter chairs ranging from 23-24″ high. Lastly, our pub height furniture is the tallest option available, with tables measuring 40″ high and chair seat heights ranging from 27″ to 28″ tall.

Why 3 height options?

We offer 3 height options so that you can find a furniture set that best suits your outdoor space. Customers who have a backyard patio may opt for the dining height furniture set, while customers with decks and balconies may need a higher seating option in order to enjoy the view over the railings! Other customers are trying to find seating options to complement their existing tables, so it is helpful to have a variety of sizing options for them to choose from!

Let’s Review!

  • Dining Height Tables = 30″; Dining Height Chairs = 17″-19″
  • Counter Height Tables = 36″ | Counter Height Chairs = 23″-24″
  • Pub Height Tables = 40″ | Pub Height Chairs = 27″-28″