Outdoor Table Staging Ideas

Keep it Classy

When staging a table, sometimes less is more! This staged photo demonstrates this idea with the use of lemonade glasses as a taller, subtle interest point with some simple place settings and a natural centerpiece selection!

Add Some Fruit

Fresh fruit is a beautiful, vivid component to your tablescapes! The berries featured in the above image add a vibrant pop of color and are aesthetically pleasing when paired with the neutrals of the furniture beneath them!

Keep it Seasonal

If you are decorating in the spring or fall, make sure your decor reflects that appropriately! The use of pumpkins and fall-themed decorations can be a stunning accent, or you can be sure to include fresh florals in the springtime!

Add Some Food

This yummy s’mores charcuterie board is an excellent example of decorating with food! This particular setting is by a campfire, so keeping it simple by included only the components needed in this space is a win!

Keep it Simple

Sometimes less is more! This simple setup is a prime example – you don’t always need all the silverware and glasses out for an elevated look. This setup pairs royal blue chargers with simple white bowls and some charming nautical napkin holders for an overall simple, yet elegant look.

Use Fresh Florals

Fresh flowers always add a lively spark and create a natural, welcoming feel! Pick up a pretty bouquet or two from your local roadside flower stand, or go out to your own garden and put together a fresh bouquet!

Create a cohesive space

If you’re decorating a larger space, make sure you choose an overall theme and select elements to pull different sections together. In this photo, you can see this displayed with the use of accent colored placemats, which is then drawn over to the buffet with the coordinating throw pillow an drink glasses.