Poly Furniture Cleaning

General Cleaning:

Fortunately, our poly furniture is one of the most maintenance-free types of furniture on the market! However, there are still some things you can do to help extend the life and look of your poly furniture. 

One of the easiest ways to periodically clean your poly furniture is to wash it with soap and water. Select a non-abrasive soap of your choice, add it to a bucket of warm water, and wipe your poly lumber with a soft cloth or sponge.

Occasionally, you may need to use a soft bristle brush to work out some of the smudges and marks you may find along the edge of your furniture. A toothbrush is an excellent option for those trickier marks, and it is soft enough that it will safely clean away the built-up dirt!

After scrubbing your furniture thoroughly, be sure to rinse well with a hose until no soap residue is left. If you want, you could finish by lightly towel drying your poly furniture.

Deep Cleaning:

Using a power washer to hose down your poly furniture can be a very effective method, but it is important to keep it at about 1,500 psi or lower, to avoid damaging your furniture. Also, keep the pressure washer at least 10-12 inches away from the furniture so your lumber is not damaged. This is a relatively easy way to periodically clean your furniture as needed!

On the rare occasion you should need to deep clean your poly furniture, you can prepare a solution comprising of 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water. This is primarily recommended for your white furniture only. You can use a cloth for general cleaning, and a soft bristled brush for some deeper cleaning as mentioned before.


To keep your furniture cushions clean, simply brush or shake the food crumbs or dirt accumulation from the surface to prevent buildup of debris.

If you have a serious liquid spill, blot (don’t rub) spills with a clean, dry cloth. Spray on a mix of dish soap and water and rinse your fabric thoroughly to remove the soap, and finish by air drying.

If you have a mold and mildew problem with your fabric cushions, prepare a solution with ¼ cup mild soap and 1 cup of bleach per gallon of water. Spray this solution on the whole cushion area and soak for 15 minutes. It is important to cover the full cushion in order to avoid residue and water rings. Clean the fabric with a sponge or very soft bristle brush. Finally, remove all soap and air dry your cushion.