Practical Adirondack Placement

1. Cozy Campfire

Casual Comfort Adironacks are the logical seating option for around a nice, warm campfire! Grab a little end table and you’re all set to enjoy some s’mores and good times!

2. Oceanside

Aptly named, our Oceanside Collection looks stunning by the beach! Dig your toes in the sand and relax in the comfort of these colorful adirondacks on your beach vacation!

3. At the Mountains

Our Simplicity Adirondacks are a modern, sleek seating option that don’t detract from the beauty around them! Available in standard, tropical, and natural colors, we ensure that you’ll be able to find a suitable option to complement the beauty of nature around you!

4. Waterfront Views

Does your property border an inlet or bay? Adirondacks are the perfect place to relax alongside a stunning body of water! Our Wavz adirondacks are especially popular at waterfront locations, and you can see why!

5. Around your Patio

These swivel glider adirondacks add an extra touch of comfort to our classic style of adirondack! Add a cushion or headrest for an added touch of comfort and customization, and you’re all set! We offer a wide variety of Sunbrella and Outdura fabric options to complement your surroundings.

6. By the Pool

Last but certainly not least, our adirodacks are the perfect solution for poolside seating! This lovely set of 3 is from our Serenity Collection, which offers the unique sling chair look with the classic, relaxing feel of an adirondack chair.