The Picnic Collection

Combining the durability of poly lumber with the timeless design of the picnic table.

Products In This Collection

People have been gathering around picnic tables for parties and celebrations for decades, and our picnic tables are designed to last generations. All tables come standard with an umbrella hole and plug. #7001 and #7006 are available in a limited color selection, but the other picnic products are available in all standard, natural finish, and tropical poly colors.

Octagon Picnic Table


Width: 84"

Depth: 46"

40" x 72" Picnic Table


Width: 74"

Depth: 72"

Bench Seat


36""W x 18""SH


48""W x 18""SH


60""W x 18""SH


72""W x 18""SH

5' Garden Bench


60"W x 36"H x 18"SH

6' Garden Bench


72"W x 36"H x 18"SH

3' Garden Bench


36"W x 36"H x 18"SH

4' Garden Bench


48"W x 36"H x 18"SH

Plantation Rocker


Width: 26"

Seat Height: 17"

Depth: 32"

40" x 72" Table


Width: 40"

Height: 30"

Depth: 72"

6' Bench


Width: 14"

Height: 19"

Depth: 72"

Color Options

Natural Teak



Patriot Blue





Dove Gray



Antique Mahogany

Coastal Gray

Brazilian Walnut

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